Vacation Travelers Orlando Resort

Vacation Travelers Orlando Resort

At the hotel they have events, so check the daily schedule for the special benefits of staying at the unique resort. What tops a prime time Orlando Hotel that has a Zoo and huge swimming Splash pool zone. It was time for us to move up a notch from the farther away cheap place that we picked last summer. The free bus takes you to Epcot and wow is the thing to see those Acrobat Kids Perform in China three times a day. Seems to me that having the Free Transportation really puts these places that are close to the theme parks way above the rest of things.

It's a busy city with lots of traffic most of the time, especially you have to be careful in the morning rush-hour and that afternoon rush hour seems to go from about four pm to six pm daily. A lot of people go between Tampa and Daytona Beach and that's exactly where Orlando splits. What has happened over the years is this has become an internationally known city and it gets busy, which is why its so fun and there's so many good idea-stuffers to pick from each day. That might be your biggest problem just Picking out more Local Locations for Fun because you have a wide variety.

Most of the hotel guests are doing the stuff at Disney and why not. You have the Extra Magic Hours which allows people to get in early or stay late at whatever Theme Park is designated for that particular day. To take advantage of the free Extra Magic Hours that are part of your hotel purchase price, you have to make sure to check the events schedule and get up early to go because the morning time is the best time because there's nobody at the rides.

What could be better than getting an extra hour as a benefit to your hotel stay and that's not what you get at the Fairfield Inn or any of the Marriott resorts for that matter. I have to admit I do like the big chain hotels but not in the city as much because of the opportunities to be closer and get more free amenities with your booking reservation in Orlando. To me, you want to get a Themed Hotel while you're staying in this town because this is a lot different than going to the Florida Keys or bonita beach. This is a place for smiles and good For all Ages so you don't have to worry about a thing except having a good time.
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