Wet Ride Winners

Wet Ride Winners

The wet rides are terrific. I would try to do this particular ride again and again. We love coming here in the summer time because you can get wet and stay cool. All of the ladies should have their bikini on underneath and you should wear one of those shirts that dries off quickly.

If you plan on getting wet then you will stay cooler and have more fun throughout the day. We also bring a large hat to keep the sun off of your face so you don't look like a fried chicken wing when the day is over. Save the chicken wings for the Hooters chicken wing restaurant over on International Drive. Dress appropriately and you will be better off because in Florida everything is about swimming, wet rides, and staying cool with some sort of water recreation.

Cameras and video cams are fine at Disney Orlando, so use them as much as you have time. What great memories. Bring a ziplock bag or some other method to keep the equipment dry during rain storms and on the wet rides. We have seen a few people mad over their loss of camera, when it got wet and stopped working.
Winston E.

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Very Bouncy

Celebration ideas for Disney fun includes getting wet! Perfect for outdoor adventure vacations is a trip down a scary river. This is a very good adventure on a river raft that gets very bouncy, and sometimes people fall out just like a real river. If you fall out is not a problem as the cast members will scoop you up at the bottom of the ride!

I think the best part is going up that beginning area through a misty forest. From the beginning you go straight up and build on the excitement of what's ahead. Going up might be the only good time you can get a photograph, as the rest of the time you never know when you're going to get bombarded by water.

Asia has some nice bars for cocktails. Visit the Asia bar, skip the tables and order a beer the old style way right up like a saloon. We also like the Bulk Nation for shopping and the Sleep Inn for Staying Overnight for cheap.

Elvin Z.

Kali River Ride

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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